Da Rejects Battery Charge Against Kanye West

13, according to a document prepared by a prosecutor. The man had held the door for Kardashian when she entered the building but they then exchanged words. The reality starlet called West and told him about the man's use of the slur and the rapper came to the building and attacked the man in a chiropractor's office, the document states. West was not arrested and his attorney Blair Berk declined comment on the prosecutor's decision. The prosecutor's charge evaluation sheet says there were conflicting witness accounts about how many times West punched the man, but noted he wasn't seriously injured.
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Off the hook: Kanye West will NOT be prosecuted after he 'settled case with assault victim in Beverly Hills for $250,000'

Anyway, OK!s source claims that Kim and Kanye have been having very bad fights over said prenup, explaining, Kim and Kanye havebeen having such huge battles over their prenup that some are wondering if theyre actually much closer to splitting up!Both Kanye and Kim have ferocious lawyers and are insisting on all kinds of provisions before they tie the knot. Im sure. Im sure Kris Jenner is making sure that Kim ends up in a win-win situation, no matter how the inevitable end of their relationship comes about. And Kanyes blinded enough by love that hell agree to anything, including apparently keeping calm and staying closer to home. Um, if Kims going to go to the trouble of drawing up such an expensive prenup, you can bet that theres stuff other than staying at home and keeping calm on there.
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Kanye West Won't Be Charged Following Alleged Assault

Just trying to help you. Shut up n****r lover, stupid slut.' A perturbed Kardashian allegedly phoned Kanye to tell him what was happening. Then, according to TMZ, 'when the guy realised Kanye was on the phone he allegedly said, 'F**k you N****r.' - so that the rap star could hear. However, just minutes later, an enraged Kanye arrived to meet up with Kim.
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Kanye West Won't Be Charged Following Investigation Into Alleged Assault

Kanye West will not face charges for allegedly assaulting a teen in Beverly Hills on January 13th. The L.A. County district attorney's office announced on Friday (Jan 31ST) that they will not prosecute Mr West or continue their investigation. Kanye West will not be charged with assault The Associated Press reports Kanye and the 18 year-old involved in the assault have agreed a civil settlement and there were no injuries following the incident. The report also notes that the evaluation sheet stated there were conflicting witness accounts into how many times the 'Black Skinhead' rapper stuck the man. The victim did not appear for a follow up interview with police, which played a part the investigation being dropped by the L.A country district office.Criminal defence attorney Troy Slaten, who isn't involved with the case, site web told E!News, "If they don't have a cooperative victim, the case is harder to prosecute. If you have no victim, it would most likely get dismissed." The altercation stemmed from the man and the rapper's fiance, Kim Kardashian, engaging in a verbal argument after he allegedly used a racial remark while she was visiting a medical center in Beverly Hills on Jan 13th. The teen was allegedly shouting racial slurs at Kim Kardashian Kim was being followed by swarms of photographers before attempting to enter the medical facility, the teenager helped her through the door before shouting inappropriate remarks at the paparazzi waiting for her outside. He reportedly yelled, F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs" at the papz.
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Kanye West Won't Be Charged After Allegedly Beating Teen In Beverly Hills

The alleged beating reportedly took place on January 13. At that time, the man reportedly threw racial slur at West's fiancee Kim Kardashian . The star of " Keeping Up with the Kardashians " then called West to tell him about the incident. An angry West reportedly confronted the man, punching him at the office. A staffer reportedly had to separate the two.
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Kanye West won't face charges in alleged Beverly Hills battery

22, 2013. Los Angeles County prosecutors declined to file charges against West today after the man the rapper allegedly punched in a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office declined to cooperate with the case. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP, File) LOS ANGELES Kanye West will not face criminal charges over an incident in which he apparently punched a man in a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office, prosecutors determined today. The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office rejected a battery case against the rapper because he had reached a civil settlement with the man and there were no significant injuries documented after the altercation. The altercation occurred after the 18-year-old man used a racial slur in an argument with West's fiancee, Kim Kardashian, on Jan. 13, according to a document prepared by a prosecutor.
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Kanye West won't face charges in alleged Beverly Hills attack

Kardashian relayed the verbal encounter to West, apparently by cellphone, according to media reports. West went to the chiropractor's office and shortly afterward, he and Kardashian found the alleged victim in the waiting room. West punched the person an unknown number of times, according to the district attorney's office. No significant injuries were documented at the time of the initial report, the office said. The victim'sattorney indicated a civil compromise had been reached with West, and although a police report was filed, the victim declined to seek criminal prosecution, the district attorneys office said.
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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West $150 Million Prenup Fight Threatens Breakup – Report

News at the time of the incident. "Kim arrived later than Kanye. En route into the building Kim saw a young man yelling racial slurs at the paparazzi. Kim told him he shouldn't use racial slurs and he turned on her and verbally assaulted her." The source said that the young man verbally attacked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, telling her to "shut the f--k up" before continuing to use the N-word while aiming his insults at Kim. "The two ended up in a stairwell where the man was in her face and continued to verbally assault her," the insider added.
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