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Hes a smart man who needs to espouse his thoughts and frequently does so via his music and other forms of creativity. But from time to time frequently in the middle of a bed of his creativity, i.e. his concerts he has to lay out a few thoughts. From a few sentences to an entire 20 minute tirade, Kanye Wests rant have become epic. So with this last London tirade , finally actually eliciting Boos from the crowd, weve taken a second to look back at 10 Kanye West rants for the books.
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Kanye West Can't Call It W/ His Yeezus Christ Facial Expression | SOHH.COM

Who would have thought in 2009 Kanye West would receive hate and be looked down upon over Drake. SMH. But did he save face by putting out new music at a club? What's really going on in his head right here? Hhhmmm............ It's no joke, the Chris Brown 2014 BET Awards wasn't the most popular choice for SOHH Cap Diss, but let's applaud @XLR8 for going in on the photo.
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Necole Bitchie.com: Amber Rose and Kanye West Reveal Worst Fear For Their Kids

+31 Ashley Reply: July 8th, 2014 at 1:14 pm Would it be weird if Sebastian and North ended up dating. Kanye can give his child a normal life, plenty of stars do it and even the president. The problem is convincing his wife to go along with it. +39 Aryanna Reply: July 8th, 2014 at 11:02 am I definitely feel amber. As far as Kanye goes A lot of these celebs like to pick and choose when thats not what comes with modern day celeb status.
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Radar Online | Kanye West Previews ‘Dark’ ‘Hellish’ New Songs In London Gig

Last night, the Grammy winning rapper delivered a message for 15 minutes at the Wireless Music Festival in the UK. At this point, West has exhausted his messaging, so expect him to reiterate some things hes already saidif nothing else. Topics ranged from societys lack of creativity t0 his marriage to Kim Kardashian. Notice that theres some boos in the fold from those who simply wanted to hear music. Peep the footage of Kanye Wests speech below.
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Kanye West Gives 15 Minute Rant At Wireless Festival [Video] | Hip-Hop Wired

The newly married rapper has unleashed some of his angriest rants yet since tying the knot with Kim Kardashian , and RadarOnline.com has learned that Wests big-mouthed bad attitude appears to be spilling over into his newest music, which fans have called hellish, dark and hard! West reportedly previewed the tracks during a 20-minute set at Londons Cafe Royal Hotel following his second Wireless Festival set on Sunday night. Fans were barred from taking pictures and no recordings have surfaced, but according to eyewitnesses on Twitter, the content was somewhat disturbing. British DJ Jason Powell claimed the songs were all hard , and likely for his new album.
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Kanye West Gets Booed Again After Launching Another Rant at Second Wireless Show

Tweet Photo credit: /WENN Kanye West was booed again when he headlined the second night of Wireless Festival in the U.K. on Saturday, July 5. Filling in for Drake who was forced to cancel his set after falling ill, the rapper angered some fans after he once again stopped performing and followed up Friday's rant with another one. In his latest rant, West said that he's a "shy" but "arrogant" person. "Sometimes it's hard because I'm so shy but blog url I'm a mixture of shy, lazy and a bit arrogant," he told the crowd. "No one really speaks from their heart to the internet to the world, it's kind of brave for a shy person to inspire people to be more expressive." West also talked about being harassed by paparazzi during his 20-minute rant.
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