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First, let's talk about the app itself: In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood your only real goal is to become famous. Not actually famous, just fake app famous. You do this by buying goofy clothes, getting clingy with other celebrities, getting fans for doing absolutely nothing meaningful, and -- of course -- by spending real-world money on in-app "Star Packs" in order to do these things. It's about as much of a "game" as filing your taxes would be if that activity somehow included poorly-drawn cartoon characters. The app appears to be quite the addictive experience, as many of the App Store reviews bemoan the impact the game is having on users' bank accounts. Tracie Morrissey from Jezebel knows this feeling well, having recently admitted to blowing a whopping $500 on in-app purchases.

Kim Kardashian May Make $85 Million From Her Video Game - Forbes

Welcome to mobile games, however, where there are no rules as to what manages to vault its way to the top of the app charts. And hell, at least it isnt a reskin or clone, right? Thats better than 80% of the other games in the top 100 at any given time. As of this moment, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is in the #2 spot on Apples free app charts, sitting at an impressive five star rating off 100,000+ reviews. This is a rather incredible story about both the power of mobile games and proper use of celebrity branding. Im fully expecting other stars to take notice of this, and we may see a pending influx of Hollywood style games for other celebrities, if the mobile scene has taught us anything about copycatting hits.

Kim Kardashian Missing Her Skinnier Self | Reality TV Magazine

Or maybe its just us, but Kim Kardashian looks like she hasnt changed a bit in the past few years except for different hairstyles. However, according to Kardashian, she is missing her skinnier self these days. In fact, Kim posted a photo on Instagram of herself from 2010, donning a tight white dress. She captioned it: Throwback to a few years ago #SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW, but she looks just as skinny in the throwback photo to us as she does right now. Its no secret that Kardashian packed on extra pounds while pregnant, or at least more than most women do, but she seems to have dropped them. Back in October, Kardashian dished that she lost 50 pounds after starting the Atkins diet.

Kim Kardashian Could Make $85 Million This Year From A 3-Week-Old iPhone App - Business Insider

Its only three weeks old and its the #5 top grossing app in the App Store. The game could be a fad but if it remains popular, it could net Kardashian $85 million this year . Thats three times what she earned in 2013 according to Forbes. The app, produced by Glu Mobile, is free to download but encourages users to buy virtual goods. Players can up their virtual social statuses by purchasing expensive jewelry and taking trips to Beverly Hill in the game. Kardashian reportedly keeps 45% of the game's revenue, and the game is on track to generate $190 million this year. Wondering who spends all this money on the game?

Kim Kardashian In Bikini: Topless Star In A Sexy Butt-Baring Photo - Hollywood Life

Shocking, we know! However, this sexy snap took the cake not only was she baring go her yellow bikini-clad butt, but she was topless, too! Furthermore, if anyone has any brain cells left after ogling Kim Ks assets to wonder where baby North West , 1, could possibly be, we have the answer for you below! Kim Kardashian In Bikini: Topless Star In A Sexy Butt-Baring Photo First of all, Kim looked fantastic as ever in her banana yellow bikini what little of it there was. With her smooth, tanned skin on glorious display and her long, thick hair down and loose, the mother of one looked incredible.

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